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 John Paul Speaking at Get Right Rally
Atlanta, GA  April 15

Monday April 15th, at the Liberty Plaza at the State Capitol in Downtown Atlanta, GA

Come to the Get Right Rally in Atlanta, GA to celebrate our Country, Flag, Constitution, President, and Faith.  John Paul to Announce and Kickoff #ConservativeProud - on Patriot's Day!

Be sure to make it to the big "Get Right Rally" in Atlanta on Monday, April 15th, from 11 am - 4 pm - Patriot's Day in Mass!

Lucretia Hughes will be hosting the Atlanta Get Right Rally on Monday, April 15, 2019 from 11:00AM to 4:00PM.  The rally will be held at Liberty Plaza at the State Capitol in downtown Atlanta. Come hear our Great Speakers, including GOUSA's John Paul:

Pastor Mark Burns, Fmr. Congressman Bob Barr, Gates Isiah, CL Byant, Brant Frost, Alex Johnson, Joshua Warren, Mo Reese Delk, Minerva Diaz, Ralph J. Chittams Sr, Bobby Lawrence, William Barnard -MAGA News Network-, Kari Baxter Donovan, Mayor Rey Martinez, Conrad Quagliaroli, Victor Armendariz, Vivian Childs, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Takosha Swan, Aisha Love, JimmyJay "UberGuy" James, Apostle DJ Wiggins, Couy Griffin -Cowboys for Trump-, Maga Beltran, Chris and Joel Hayes, Art Gallegos Jr., Rabbi Nachum Shifren, Gregory Howard, and Rhonda Talton Allen

*Special THANKS to: Fallback Production Studios, Dave Klucken, and Isaac Smith. And our wonderful sponsors, The National Rifle Association, Urban Red PAC, Rod of Iron Ministries, the Trump Bus -Angie and Danny Hamilton.

Our Mission at GOUSA

The purpose of our organization at Grand Opportunity USA (“GOUSA”) is to motivate, educate and mobilize young people, minority groups, people of faith, LBGTQs and citizens of all backgrounds to advance American values and advocate for their personal, economic, social, educational and national interests and needs. Please donate to help us unite the conservative movement and to reach a wider and more diverse audience of voters to preserve our freedoms, liberties and prosperity in America for generations to come.

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Please send to: 107 South St. #2F, Boston, MA 02110 • OR donate online on our website.

Grand Opportunity USA is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization. 501(c)4 organizations are not tax deductible as charitable contributions. Businesses may be able to receive a business deduction in certain limited circumstances.