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GOUSA - Opportunity for ALL Americans
If you’re like most Americans, you’re frustrated with the toxic political environment in our country today. Our two major parties appear to be driving to the extremes, and the vitriol in Washington and bias in the liberal news media has hit an all-time high. The radical Left has caused division and conflict with their growing contempt for our country's founding principles of liberty and freedom, their divisive identity politics agenda, support for open borders and ever growing big government power over the people.

You don’t believe there is anyone left who speaks for YOU.

But, what if there were a movement that does speak for you, that supports common sense conservative principles like protecting our freedoms and liberties, personal responsibility, economic opportunity, limited government, protected borders and a strong national defense while staunchly defending the civil rights of minorities, people of faith and non-traditional lifestyles (NTLs), and supporting fair and practical plans for healthcare, immigration, and education?

Now, there is. GRAND OPPORTUNITY USA, or "GOUSA". We stand for:

• Personal Opportunity
• Economic Opportunity
• Educataional Opportunity
• Social Opportunity
• National Opportunity

We also believe that the conservative brand is in dire need of a brand and messaging update - it's time to take the "OLD" out of the GOP and become the new GRAND OPPORTUNITY PARTY.

The movement for ALL of us. No more identity politics.  No more failed government. Opportunity for ALL Americans.

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The purpose of our organization at GOUSA is to motivate, educate and mobilize young people, minority groups, people of faith and citizens of all backgrounds to advance American values and advocate for their personal, economic, social, educational and national interests and needs.  We rely on donations from people like you to help us accomplish our mission.
We are a diverse group of Americans who are deeply concerned about the future of our great country and the current trajectory of the political landscape.  We believe that our country must unite around a common set of principles based on American values and the message of OPPORTUNITY.